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Lean Manufacturing Process Consultant

IS & R Provides Consulting Services to the Chicago region for Lean Process Manufacturing, Discreet Process Manufacturing, Six Sigma and ISO/9000

Lean Manufacturing is a business process management initiative to reduce waste in the manufacturing process. Part of this process is using the Six Sigma emphasis on reduction of process variation. Another aspect is improving the improving the flow and smoothness of work process. A basic objective is to create a systematic knowledge base, through the application of systems thinking and quantitative analysis, leading to an improved understanding of the fundamental determinants of industrial growth and decline. The lean model stresses an evolutionary process of change and adaptation. The basic objective is to reduce cost systematically, throughout the product design and production process and also by means of a series of process reviews.

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Lean Manufacturing Consulting Client Testimonials

"IS & R Services ... guided us through the implementation of changing our culture
to Lean Sigma. The end result is a projected cost savings nearing $4
million over fifteen months that we've been able to identify in month nine."

Robert Dayton, President
Precision Engine Products Corp.

"At the outset our staff and rank and file may have felt the methods IS
& R Services was introducing were for someone else and not them. Now I see they are
comfortable with them and are immediately finding ways to apply them to
solving problems and improving processes."

Ben Grigg, Plant Manager
Precision Engine Products Corp.

"As a partner in industrial project work, IS & R has shown the
versatility, flexibility, and technical acumen needed to help get the job done
cleanly, particularly when issues start crossing functional lines, such as
planning, R&D, and production. I'd also add to that strong customer advocacy and
empathy as compared to other services that take a more adversarial
approach or distance themselves from the client."

Terry McCammon, PE
Industrial Systems Integrators


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Lean Manufacturing as a problem-solving approach has been successfully applied in fields such as business, engineering, and production processes. CLICK HERE to Contact Us today for Lean Manufacturing information or to request your free white paper on Tips and Tools for Manufacturing Improvement.

IS & R is located in Lisle, Illinois and provides the Chicago region wit lean manufacturing consultation, training and certification to reduce waste in manufacturing processes to create long term ongoing savings.

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