IS & R Services - Industrial Systems and Re-Engineering for Manufacturing - R&D

Our Specialities

Six Sigma Training and Mentoring at Champion and Green Belt Levels

►Training from certified Six Sigma Black Belts from Executive through Champion and Green Belt Levels.  Priced by scope of program with minimal added charges per head.

►Right sizing a program for the small to mid-sized manufacturing and fulfillment business.

Industrial Engineering and Lean Manufacturing Improvements

► Optimizing production scheduling for greater throughput and customer demand fulfillment

► Cellular and lean manufacturing opportunity identification and enhancements

► Guidance on physical and informational waste reduction tactics for lean initiatives

► Facilitation of kaizen and team-based improvement methods

Upgrading Systems and Measurement Technologies

► Software selection for enterprise, lab, and shop floor using expert system tools including implementation and integration plans

► Devising objective quality control measurement regimes for production and research;
for seeking compliance with
ISO and QS/9000 parts 9-11
(Note: we complement rather than replace ISO documentation or SOP specialists)

► Analytical and QC lab management and work flow refinement


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